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The country of Berzerk is full of nerds who all think they know it better. They're negative about everything and think they can do everything better themselves when it's about computers and games. Well... each to his own, but they can't play baseball, that's for sure. Albeit... they'd suit perfectly as living baseballs! Play baseball with geeks in the country of Berzerk. First you choose your character. He or she can hit the geeks away as far as possible. When the geek's in mid air, you can control him with the arrow keys. As soon as he hits the ground, you press your left mouse button again to send him back into the air. Unlock the achievements and collect diamonds!
Ovládání: Use the mouse to set the shooting direction and power. Click to shoot the geek away. When the geek's flying, you use the arrow keys to control him.

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